Burkina Faso

In 2019 a bequest was left for the charity Foundation Chretienne Vie de Famille (FCVF, or The Foundation for Christian Family Life in English) to be administered solely through COAT. FCVF is based in the Piela district of Burkina Faso. We have allocated the bequest money to projects run by FCVF that adhere to the preferences of the bequestor. COAT has worked with FCVF for many years following on from the link between St Aidan’s School, Carlisle and Burkina Faso.

Projects supported

Equipment for making sanitary kits

COAT sent funding for equipment to make sanitary kits, including sewing machines, overlockers, popper machines and specialist materials. Recently, sanitary kits have been distributed in refugee camps in Burkina Faso.


COAT sent funding to purchase goats for undernourished women and their families to raise.

Solar-powered well project

COAT sent funding for drilling a well, which is solar-powered and has a cover over it. The tap is padlocked and a small payment is charged which will cover any maintenance costs.

Building a wall around the polio rehabilitation centre

COAT sent funding to build a wall around the polio rehabilitation centre, run by FCVF.

A computer and printer

COAT sent funding for a computer and printer for use by the vocational training course instructors.  


COAT sent money for a motorbike to enable the trainers to travel the large distances of the project area quickly.

Girls’ camps

COAT sent funding for a 5 day camp to motivate girls to study and stay on at school.

Malaria awareness

COAT sent money for purchasing mosquito nets and for education sessions on the importance of using the nets.