Feedback from 2019 Projects

January 2019 – £825 donated to Village Water for menstrual hygiene workshops in Liliachi School, Nalolo District, Western Province, Zambia.

Excerpt from feedback report sent by Village Water: “In 2019, Cumbria Overseas Aid Trust supported us with a grant to enable us to support pupils in Liliachi school with menstrual health and sanitary pad production.”

Village Water also funded a new water point as part of this project and the construction of separate toilet blocks for the pupils with a separate washroom for personal hygiene.

‘We are so thankful to Village Water for the training. This training will bring about development in our school in terms of hygiene and sanitation. The training has brought light to us , especially on the menstrual health topics, that were considered private. Apart from that we have had challenges with water. We used to draw water from the scoop holes, and this contributed to the high rate of diarrhoea in our school.’ Mr Mbumbi Kashina, Headteacher

January 2019 – £100 donated to Cumbrian student Maddy Davis volunteering through Project Trust in Ghana.

March 2019 – £100 donated to Katherine Monaghan of the University of Cumbria volunteering in South Africa.

Girls receiving underwear as part of the ‘Period Project’ in Limpopo Province, South Africa

March 2019 – £300 donated to Poverty Swap towards materials for building a classroom and toilet at Fikir School, Ethiopia.

From Helen Faulds:  “Yes indeed we have completed our target for the Fikir School and now have capacity for up to 300 children all the way through from nursery to year 6.  Here is a photo of the school and also of the children enjoying their class.  I’m sorry we are not around for the ceilidh but I hope it goes well.  We so appreciate COAT’S partnership in this amazing project.”

July 2019 – £1000 donated to Five Talents.

Excerpt of feedback report received from Five Talents – please ask if you wish to view the whole report or see their website

September 2019 – £500 donated to Imagine Senegal.

Letter received from Claire Griffel from Imagine Senegal.

September 2019 – £750 donated to Legs 4 Africa

Excerpt from a letter from Evie Dickinson from Legs 4 Africa:

“I hope things are well with you and everyone at COAT. I’m delighted to share with you some photos of the legs being collected from Cumbria by our driver Geoff! Geoff met Iona and picked up 45 legs – 25 of these were from Olivia Story, a young girl from Carlisle, featured in this ITV news article: and the other 20 were from Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. Geoff will now drive the legs down to our HQ in Bristol – the cost of this is £125 (45p per mile) – we’ll use COAT’s generous funding for this. Please share the photos and share our huge thanks – I look forward to updating you on what else we’ve achieved together in due course.