2016 Projects

In January ’16, COAT donated £500 to the Kinamba Community Project in Kigali, Rwanda. Local link.

In March ’16, we donated £500 to Street Children Sierra Leone. This will support the education of 10 children who are orphans due to Ebola. Local link.

In May’16, 3 projects were supported:

  • The  Adult Learning Centre at the Dunkirk Refugee camp, via the Carlisle One World Centre. £500 towards learning resources.
  • Bhola Garden, a home for orphaned and disabled children on Bhola Island, Bangladesh. £280 to buy tools such as an electric drill and spanners for use in the Training for Life/Employment Skills classes. Local link.
  • £500 towards a portable ultrasound scanner for the Arughat Hospital in Nepal. Through local charity Arughat Support.

July ’16.  No donations were given this month as the trustees felt no projects fulfilled all our criteria.

September ’16. The trustees agreed to donate to three projects this meeting:

  • Signpost International. £408 was donated to buy an overlocker sewing machine for women in Uganda making sanitary products. Local link.
  • Field Ready, Nepal. £1140 towards a digital fabricator to make small scale products such as tweezers using 3d printing, for use by medical field workers.
  • Edinburgh Direct Aid. £1000 to buy an industrial sewing machine to be used by Syrian refugees in a camp in the Lebanon. Local link.

In November ’16 COAT donated £800 to Days for Girls to buy materials for sanitary kits to be made by the local Brampton group (local link, through Jane Williamson). Kits to be distributed in various countries.