2017 Projects

January 2017 – the trustees agreed to donate £500 for the Friends of Ibba School, South Sudan, to buy materials for the school girls to make sanitary kits with advice from the Days for Girls charity. Local link through Jean Povey in Ulverston.

COAT also donated £620 to ASAP in Burkina Faso to top up the money the villagers have raised in order to buy a new water pump to replace the broken pump in the village. Local link through Penny Ritson and Lankaonde Dialonga.

March 2017 – the trustees donated £500 to Jessica Singleton, a medical student from Manchester University, who is taking part in medical outreach work in the Gulu area of northern Uganda this summer. This donation is to be put towards the materials for the outreach project, not Jessica’s personal expenses.

May 2017 – COAT donated £1000 to Concern Worldwide to help in the current East African famine crisis. Also £1000 towards food support for children at a community school in Texaco Bayo, Borneo State, Nigeria, and for food parcels for malnourished children and families with no source of food. This project is run by Street Child. A further £200 was donated to Save the Needy, Sierra Leone, for shelving for the school libraries being set up following donations of books from Book Aid International. Local link through a trustee.

July 2017 – the trustees donated £700 towards the food programme for the Kinamba Community Project (Rwanda) to pay for porridge, dried fish etc for school children’s lunches.Local link through Meg Fletcher. We also donated £700 to the Arughat Support Fund, Nepal, to pay for bricks for 3 classrooms at the Secondary school that were damaged in the earthquake. Local link through Nick and Caroline Cowan.

September 2017 – the trustees donated £200 to Save the Needy, Sierra Leone towards food, clothes and toiletries for mudslide victims in Freetown. We also donated £700 to Paribartan, Bangladesh to help people recover after recent flooding, especially individuals with disabilities. Local link through a trustee.

November 2017 – COAT donated £200 to help Rohingya people displaced from Myanmur for emergency supplies and shelter (through Concern International). We also gave £750 to Village Water for repairing and replacing village water points in Mozambique. This donation was doubled by other donors as we gave it through the “Big Give Christmas Challenge”.