2018 Projects

January 2018 – the trustees agreed to donate £950 to PHASE Worldwide for an oxygen concentrator for a Primary Healthcare Centre in Kolti, Nepal. Local connection through a retired Cumbrian GP.

March 2018 – £500 was donated to Tools for Self Reliance (TFSR) towards refurbishing tools in Uganda. Sue Buckwell visited the Windermere-based TFSR group.

£554 was also donated to Mpyupyu School in Malawi for building toilets. This project had a local link via Marian Kearney.

May 2018 – No new requests were received this month, so no donations were made.

July 2018 – £822 was donated to Save the Needy in Sierra Leone for the building of benches and tables for the pupils of Rural Education School, Ogoo Farm. Local connection through a trustee.

September 2018 – the trustees agreed to donate £300 to Days for Girls (the Brampton group) for fabric to make sanitary kits to take out to Taru, Kenya. Local connection.

November 2018 –  £1142 was donated to Burkina Faso for malaria prevention and awareness training via a series of public meetings with films and entertainment which will be held throughout the area. A video projector will be bought for the facilitators and entertainers to make and deliver the videos and talks. Local link via trustee and Lankaonde Dialoaga.

Also, it was agreed to donate £300 towards the ongoing Rohingya emergency appeal via Concern Worldwide. Money is needed for refugees living in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh to help provide good nutrition, water and sanitation, shelter kits, income-generating projects (“cash-for-work” initatives) and extreme weather protection (due to the monsoon and cyclone seasons).