2010-2011 Projects

Projects funded by Carlisle Overseas Aid Trust (COAT): 2011

All monies donated go directly to funding projects. Administrative costs are funded separatelY.

Project Supported Country People/Organisation Donation Local  Connection? Date  
Photocopier for secondary school Burkina Faso Via Penny and Ian £250.00   Yes Jan. ’11
Toilets for orphaned/vunerable children’s home Mozambique Andy Neave £350.00   Yes Jan. ’11
Basic Science books for school Ethiopia Keswick and District   Fairtrade £250.00   Yes Jan. ’11
Sustainable farming/poultry etc. India Deva £142.00   No Jan. ’11
One Student 1 year course in English, who will teach 10 more Sri Lanka TeaLeaf Trust £180.00   No March ’11
To fund work helping Street Children Senegal Street Children Africa £150.00   No March ’11
AIDS testing kits Uganda Carol Norris and Mandy Hall with Teams 4 U £500.00   Yes May ’11
Helping 2 families set up potato growing Bulgaria Rakitova £400.00   No Jul. ’11
Clothing for Halfway House Support Tanzania International   Childcare Trust £440.00   No Jul. ’11
Women’s Project for the Inner Wheel Burkina Faso Via Penny and Ian £247.00   Yes Jul. ’11
Music therapy and other assistance for orphanage for disabled children: instruments needed Thailand Grace McNeill £200.00   Yes Jul. ’11
Funding for Peer Education Project Gambia Westlakes School,   Cumbria £500.00   Yes Sept. ’11
Chinchmore Primary School Namibia Keswick (Global School Link) £250.00   Yes Sept. ’11
Tools for Deaf Children Uganda Silent Voices (Hilary   Pickup) £355.00   Yes Sept. ’11
Purchase of Quails, housing and feed Cambodia Chris Oxley (from   Kendal) £600.00   Yes Nov. ’11
Furnishings and Running costs for Children’s Home Malawi Hannah (from   Carlisle) £250.00   Yes Nov. ’11

Projects funded by Carlisle Overseas Aid Trust (COAT): 2010


Project Supported Country People/ Organisation Donation Local Connection? Date
Community Eye Centre Rolpa, Nepal Fred Hollows Foundation UK £200 No Jan. ’10
Flood Early Warning System Nepal Practical Action £375 No Jan. ’10
Caitlin Ripley Thailand Project Trust £100 Yes March ’10
Knitting Project Burkino Faso A Co-operative £880 Yes March ’10
Medical Elective South Africa Danielle Wood £300 Yes May ’10
Increasing access to education for war effected children Northern Uganda International Children’s Trust £100 No May ’10
Health Centre for children accused of witchcraft Nigeria Stepping Stones £450 Yes May ’10
Equipment Vasco, India Kids in community £540 No May ’10
Classroom and Sports equipment Malawi Mike and Sue Fox £100 Yes July ’10
Classroom project Uru North, Tanzania Brampton Tanzania Trust £400 Yes July ’10
VSO India Jonathan Woods viaSue Buckwell £50 Yes Sept. ’10
Flood Relief Pakistan Pakistan Flood Relief via Dr Jane Sampson £1540 Yes Nov. ’10